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Phlow Jahtari Mixtape – “A Fistful Of Dub”

Jahtari Tribute | While publishing our Jahtari-Portrait some days ago, I thought: “Why not making a mixtape with my favorite Jahtari-anthems?” After some digging through the whole back catalogue I finished my studies of the mighty echo chambers of Jahtari. I rolled you a wonderful spliff of smokey Dub Reggae anthems. Take care, Jahtari might […]

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The Jah of 8-Bit-Chip-Dub-Digital-Laptop-Reggae-Music

Punching Pac-Man through a Space Echo

Niches can be cool. Especially when you’re the star of one. Even better when you dug it out from nothing all by yourself. Jan Gleichmar, aka Disrupt, label head of, is the star of his own genre. He refines a bulky sub-bass sound with an oldschool 8-bit charm. He calls it simply: Digital Laptop Reggae.

Crawl with us into the echo chambers of Jahtari!

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Volfoniq and Disrupt and Bo Marley – “L’Anchoïade” (Les Cristaux Liquident)

Sunny Dub Reggae | Last year, to be precise in June 2007, Volfoniq, disrupt and Bo Marley met at the french festival “Dub en sauce”. Spontaneously they teamed up, grabbed some bottles of red wine, enjoyed excellent french food and produced some relaxed sunny dub reggae tunes for us. “Savoir vivre, you know what I’m […]

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