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Music From All Around The World – A Pop Compilation

Our Phlow Compilation “Music From All Around The World” is prove, that you find wonderful creative commons pop music. It’s prove that free has nothing to do with low quality or geeky dark ambient. On top of all “Music From All Around The World” shows that the worldwide creative commons music scene offers more and more compatible music be played out loud on the radio. We at Phlow believe that 2010 creative commons music will please more and more music lovers who love songs, vocals and pop in general. Download our free pop music compilation!

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Sagesse & Crookram – “The Escape EP” (Bankrupt Recordings)

Dutch HipHop, English Rap | While Crookram’s album “19/76” on Budabeats sounded dusty, analogue, funky and deep, the productions with his partner Sagesse shine polished and bass-loaded. With a bassdrum deep like Miami Bass and a tos of funkyness between the beats the Dutch producer makes another step in his evolution. Now I know why […]

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M.W.D. – “Singing Forest” (Budabeats)

Smooth Downbeats | Like his other label mates on Budabeats Netlabel M.W.D. loves Hip Hop, samples, Jazz and crackling vinyl. In comparison with the excellent release by Suhov who delivers rolling rhythms to dance, the drums of M.W.D.  sound lighter, smoother. His approach on instrumental Downbeats is more cinematic and relaxed. The DJ from Hungary […]

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Tom Caruana – “Welcome Aboard EP” (Budabeats Netlabel)

A Fistful of Hip Hop Styles | While staring out of the airport window at Barcelona Airport returning home from Tom Caruana grabs me by the ears. And once again I am truly excited that I have discovered Budabeats by mistake. Since its appearance every release from Suhov to Crookram convinced me: High Standards […]

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Nivel Del Mar – “Sounds for Soulsurfers”

A Free Chill out Compilation | “Busy times we live in, dude!”, says the weed-smoker while getting laid back to manage all the information, all the news, all the technological developments running like a rush through his data-pipeline. “It’s just sick. How do I stay in touch with all that?!? I need more drugs to […]

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Suhov – “Sympathy Modul EP” (Budabeats Netlabel)

Funky and Smoky Downbeats| Yeah, Dope Beats ahoi! If you like groovy breakbeats, we have some candy for your ears. With Suhohvs melodic “Symphaty Modul EP” you get lots of strings, cut-up vocals and excellent sampled loops. Every song is carefully put together to kidnap you for a marvellous organised robbery. I guess Suhov is […]

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