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Music from the Digital Phlow Podcast Show

Podcast Playlist | Travis asked for links to Applejux free music collection selected for our podcast show. Here we go... For the introduction we played a song from konsumprodukt and his album "radio souvenir" on tonatom called "Casio Y Cabra (Boutade)". After the first questions you listen than to Crisopa with his beautiful ambient track called "Regalos" found on "Persona-Isla 01" a compilation on Persona Isla.

Later on you listen to the fabolous sample wizard Chenard Walcker from France and his song "Les Tables" from "Hands". This happy mixery is followed by Anímic - "Hau o Hiu" and Lieberhonig - "#2 ". The technoid last tracks in the show are from Angel Galán with “Fun Computer” on Escala Netlabel and Intelec with "Antártida" from the also spanish netlabel called MIga.

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Phlow-Author Moritz »mo.« Sauer This article was written on 17.October 2008 by Moritz »mo.« Sauer. Moritz »mo.« Sauer is the founder of and a true music lover. As a participant and journalist of the free music movement he joined several Netaudio parties in Europe including Netaudio Nürnberg, Netaudio Barcelona, Netaudio London or Netaudio Bern. Read more articles written by .


  • [...] Si quereis saber exactamente donde encontrar la música que suena en el podcast, podeis ir a la entrada que el propio phlow dedica a ella: Music from the Digital Phlow Podcast Show. [...]

    Gravatar of netaudio » Digital Phlow Radio Show: “Connected with Applejux” netaudio » Digital Phlow Radio Show: “Connected with Applejux” said on
    18. Oct 2008 at 12:36 pm
    Link #1

  • thanks for taking the time to put the extra post together, mo! i'm adding those tracks to my playlist now

    too bad the error-lofi release isnt available any more :( i think that's the one i was looking for..

    Gravatar of travis travis said on
    22. Oct 2008 at 10:44 pm
    Link #2