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Happy Birthday, Machtdose Podcast!

Machtdose navigates you through the world of creative commons music | Photo by shwe

Podcast Birthday Party | We call him "A Passionate Podcaster with no Boundaries" and since four years already, Roland from Machtdose produces his wonderful netaudio podcast. Every new episode is a bucket full of musical adventures with a calm and sophisticated moderation. Not only playing some jewels ranging from ambient to electronica to indie pop to techno, Roland offers always some insights of those netlabels. I am always surprised by the range of music styles and the picks he makes. Let's call him the John Peel of creative commons music.

In my view one of the best points to start digging deeper into the creative commons music scene. So don't miss the new anniversary november show!

Machtdose Podcast November 2009

Playlist of Machtdoses November'09 Edition

  1. The amber room & nica - Lights II [kosmo 026]
  2. Emily In Love - Sow the Seeds [Corpid 029] Extra: Video
  3. Julien Mier - Windmills & Lantarnlights [Bump Foot 114 and inqb8r 012]
  4. Mapmap - 090426 [PublicSpacesLab 010]
  5. Torsion - Sundrops on the Ocean (Original Piano version) [PublicSpacesLab 003]
  6. The Lights Galaxia - While She Sleeps (Morning Edit) [Luxus Arctica 001]
  7. Nienvox & 813 - Reflections [Bump Foot 115]
  8. Lavajaz - Missing [spontanMusik V 012]
  9. Nik Jade - in your system [IVDT mp3 073]
  10. Jahzique - Transience [Tropic 55]
  11. Sea Inside - Snow Dance [Elpamusic 26]
  12. Beatamines - Inspirationsdoping [Prozent Music 013]
  13. Radarfilm - On my way [Fantomton 002]
  14. TkY - Under Sky [Diggarama 034]
  15. W10 - Schmooze [kosmo 021]
  16. Michell Phunk - Dream about you [Brennnessel 004]
  17. AXMusique - Faith [Brennnessel 006]
  18. Midibyte - People Don’t Dance (No More) [Signorafranca 049]
  19. Professor Kliq - All Control [rec72 023 and audiovisual theorem 017]
  20. glomag - Red Pixel Dust [8bitpeoples 095]

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Phlow-Author Moritz »mo.« Sauer This article was written on 2.November 2009 by Moritz »mo.« Sauer. Moritz »mo.« Sauer is the founder of and a true music lover. As a participant and journalist of the free music movement he joined several Netaudio parties in Europe including Netaudio Nürnberg, Netaudio Barcelona, Netaudio London or Netaudio Bern. Read more articles written by .


  • Happy Birthday from me, too!

    Gravatar of Matthias Matthias said on
    3. Nov 2009 at 5:52 pm
    Link #1

  • lovely as always

    Gravatar of Bettina Bettina said on
    3. Nov 2009 at 7:53 pm
    Link #2

  • happy bday from the spanish crowd too!

    Gravatar of applejux applejux said on
    3. Nov 2009 at 11:00 pm
    Link #3

  • there shall be a bright future for john roland peel!

    Gravatar of martin martin said on
    4. Nov 2009 at 12:50 am
    Link #4