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Beatmapper – “birdsong remixes” (Birdsong Netlabel)

Electronic Pop | With their first Hi-Fi release the Birdsong Netlabel from Israel distributes six wonderful pop-orientated remixes by Beatmapper. Every track comes around with another flavour ranging from the fabulous orchester-remix "tattoo" for Her Highness to the enthusiastic "When i go to the barn" for Lonesome Executive. Especially "When i go to the barn" creeps under my skin with these anthem-like chords.

Beatmapper did it: six remixes for three different birdsong artists which are nice to hear. A pleasant journey which takes you from electronic pop to orchestral pop to an instrumental anthem which leaves you quiet and peaceful behind.

Be kind rewind!

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Download: Beatmapper - "birdsong remixes" (ZIP-Archive)
Release: Beatmapper - "birdsong remixes"

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