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Ras Amerlock – “A Bass Oddity – Trinity All Star” (LibreCommeLair)

Dubby Reggae | I love unique websites, unique sounds and of course high quality. The french dub netlabel LCL aka LibreCommeLair has everything. A website with a unique hand-made look, a dedication to reggae in all kinds of tastes and a bunch of musicians releasing wonderful productions. The »Juggernaut of an EP« is a classy slice of music by Ras Amerlock on the french dub netlabel.

Ras Amerlock - "7th Sea Dub in Twilight" (MP3)
Ras Amerlock - "Santiago meets Pacho'Merlock" (MP3)
Ras Amerlock - "Pre Historiker Dub" (MP3)

One of those allready well-known artists in the world of creative commons reggae is Ras Amerlock. The American already released several times on Jahtari. So it's no surprise, that the close relationship between LCL and Jahtari convinced him to release his groovy bass odditiy on LCL.

MP3 Reggae Music Download

Download: Ras Amerlock - "A Bass Oddity (Trinity All Star)" (ZIP-Archive)
Artist-Website: Ras Amerlock
Release: Ras Amerlock - "A Bass Oddity (Trinity All Star)"
Netlabel: LibreCommeLair aka LCL

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