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Tapes – “Compuriddims EP” (Jahtari Netlabel)

copuriddims_ep_jahtariAnalogue Basslines on Asteroids | Jahtari - one of our favorite providers of bass-driven music - peeps through the holes of old cassettes delivered by Tapes and smiles. They just released one of their rarely released free EPs. This time it's an artist called Tapes who loves the sound of old analogue tape recorders and connects his desire for warm sounds with some futuristic computer sounds. Welcome to the world of Compuriddims.

Tapes "Ticker Tape" (MP3)

Tapes "Skankless Tascam" (MP3)

The Jahtarians love old computer sounds from the 8-Bit-Era and subsonic basslines. On this release you can enjoy some nicely edited space sounds crawling through your stereo field while Tapes basslines dig your garden upside down. Laid back riddims for your next round of Space Invaders or Asteroids!

MP3 Dub Reggae Music Download

Download: Tapes - "Compuriddims EP" (ZIP-Archive)
Release: Tapes - "Compuriddims EP"
Netlabel: Jahtari Netlabel

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  • Skankless Tascam is super! My favourite Jahtari so far...

    Gravatar of Bettina Rhymes Bettina Rhymes said on
    6. Mar 2009 at 11:21 am
    Link #1