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N-Noiz – “Unbounding The Future EP” (Plainaudio Netlabel)

n-noiz-plainaudio-cover-artworkComplex Samurai Drum'n'Bass | As a Beat Samurai N-Noiz follows the path of Photek and his comrades-in-arms. His "Unbounding The Future EP" is an epic trip with haunting sounds, elaborate chopped-up beats and a unique style which makes every former master proud. You rarely find so deep, complex and intelligent Drum'n'Bass beats.

N-Noiz - "Red Spider Nebula" (MP3)
N-Noiz - "Hasaki" (MP3)
N-Noiz - "Engines of Abundance" (MP3)
N-Noiz - "Vibin The Crook" (MP3)

This is one fantastic peace of drum'n'bass art. It's dark, yes. There are no melodic hooks, yes. But if you are a beat addict as I am, you just have to admire the craftful work. You will be sucked into the deep atmosphere.

With enthusiastic love N-Noiz formed outstanding drum'n'bass-tracks. And also if Photek is the sword-swinging leader, N-Noiz has his own fighting style. Just listen how the bass diggs a grave for every opponent, how the beats travel through the stereo field. My only critisism concerns to the last track "Vibin The Crook". There N-Noiz repeated the vocals to much or the MC had no more rhymes in his pocket. Nevertheless the voice by Semtex M fits perfect to the music vibe.

Dark, powerful and fresh!

MP3 Drum and Bass Music Download

Download: N-Noiz - "Unbounding The Future EP" (ZIP-Archive)
Artist-Website: N-Noiz
Release: N-Noiz - "Unbounding The Future EP"

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About the Author

Phlow-Author Brigitte This article was written on 27.December 2010 by Brigitte. Brigitte Bijoux is a producer and DJane living in Tokyo/Japan. She loves fat basslines, haunting grooves and a fair amount of breakbeat armory. Devoted to Drum'n'Bass and all kinds of broken beats she diggs deep into the netlabel underground. It's about loving music! Read more articles written by .


  • Reminds me of when I first started collecting D&B back in 1997. If you like this check out the Photek remix of Brown Paper Bag (1997) by Roni Size.

    Gravatar of kMinus1 kMinus1 said on
    3. Jun 2010 at 6:43 pm
    Link #1

  • sounds really deep. I like this and brown paper bag too :)

    Gravatar of BorisBalkan BorisBalkan said on
    6. Aug 2010 at 2:26 pm
    Link #2