Break-Dominant Drum’n’Bass // Breaks, Breaks, Breaks… Plainaudio is all about breaking up patterns and resetting them. Their artists love the art of aesthetic surgery. With love they cut drumloops under the microscope into delicious parts and than reassemble them with precision. Also Sub does this job very well and surrounds his drum work with a shady atmosphere.

Sub - “ID” (MP3)

Sub - “When Jupiter and Saturn meet” (MP3)

Sub - “The Monk Tune” (MP3)

Sub know the art of breakbeat science. You have to listen carefully to get sucked into his world of dark break-dominant beats. Enjoy the deep funkyness of  “The Monk Tune”. Or slide onto the disharmonic strings into the title track called “ID”. The only aspect you will miss with this release is the absence of melodies. It’s about atmosphere and serious beat-bizniz.

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