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Djet – “Nightline” (Picomedia)

Djet - NightlineDriving Downbeats | Sometimes music hits you like a rock. "Nightline" is an album with exactly that special ability. Produced by Alexander Lisovsky under the moniker Djet, released on the conceptual Label Picomedia. The "Nightline" features all the things, that are missing in this days: driving beats, interesting soundscapes and wandering grooves to explore. All mixed up with... surprises!

Djet sometimes uses very unusual samples, from field recordings to samples, that appear in strange ways in the mix.

The downside: The website from the label is not really equipped with information. The download is available only on and there is even an artwork missing. But if the music is on such a high quality level, than I am sure that the sounds nevertheless will find enough ears to listen to. It's if you want "pure music".

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Download: Djet - Nightline (ZIP Archive)
Release: Djet - Nightline

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Phlow-Author MartinWisniowski This article was written on 7.May 2008 by MartinWisniowski. He is for several years rooted in the netaudio and demoscene and connected to indie-games as well. He works as software-engineer and writer, established the netlabel 2063music and writes own blogs at Digital Tools and Eggshell Robotics. He is running the local-based netaudio community Netaudio NRW. Read more articles written by .

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