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Thinking, Resting, Working, Taking some time off

Dear reader! Currently we’re under a little bit of stress. is a fun project. The main editors Sven Swift and mo. got a boy and a girl recently and they care a lot of those little ones. Meanwhile Sven pushes hardly his netlabel Error Broadcast together with his mate Flip, while mo. works on […]

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EXPANDING09 in Barcelona

Life rush rhythm, succes of p2p exchange comunities, increasing broadband capacity, extendeduse of mobile phones, constant development ofpersonal multimedia devices… These and many otherfactors affect the relation between cultural productsand consumers. Cultural dematerialization or the loss of the medium, generate a new context where allagents related to cultural production tend to see theirusual activity at […]

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Happy Birthday, Machtdose Podcast!

Machtdose navigates you through the world of creative commons music | Photo by shwe Podcast Birthday Party | We call him “A Passionate Podcaster with no Boundaries” and since four years already, Roland from Machtdose produces his wonderful netaudio podcast. Every new episode is a bucket full of musical adventures with a calm and sophisticated […]

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The Phlow Mixtapes

Mixtape Love | and present you the best of the best of our music reviews with a charming musicplayer. We feed our mixtape with the best songs and tracks of each review and presents it to you in that good’ol mixtape look. The flash player comes out of the ashes of After the RIAA teared down Mixwit, the programmers were so nice to give the beautiful player to everybody. Why hadn’t they used creative commons music?!? Nevertheless, grab the code on and build your own mixtape. or listen to the Spanish Phlow Mixtape or the English Phlow Mixtape. In the future just click on the pumpin’ loudspeaker!

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Aggregation of Creative Commons Music Blogs

Photo: Short Note | Some weeks ago I did a work-over of the Netaudio News Section of I like playing around with software, especially with online software. But a month ago I also asked to let me create a special channel only for blogs writing about creative commons music. Today this Twingly […]

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Photos of Netaudio Berlin 2009

Festival Impressions | You missed Netaudio Berlin Festival in 2009? Let’s start the diashow above and have a look what you just missed…

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