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Category: Trip Hop

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Black Era – “Third eye guerrilla EP” (aquietbump netlabel)

Dark Italian Trip Hop | Maybe Black Era is a dark reflection of the Berlusconi-ruled italian empire. Or maybe it is a reflection of the bad side of the italian soul called Mafia. Maybe none of these conclusions are right. What I can hear for sure are some dusky sounds, creeping slowly on the floor […]

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Various – “Petite musique pour arbre nu” (Nohmad Netlabel)

Dark Ambient and DubStep | When you visit and listen to the sound forest of Nohmad you get slowly horrified. Dubstep-Beats and Dark Ambient full of grim, gloomy creeping sounds and graveyard deep basslines welcome you to the underworld. Music for people who enjoy visiting scary places to get to sucked into the bitter darkness. […]

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Velure – “Songbox” (Ideology)

Australian Trip Hop Vibes | Velure is a quintet in the footsteps of Massive Attack, Goldfrapp, or Portishead. With muscled beats ranging from Hip Hop to Drum’n’Bass Velure make a stand and and crawl slowly under our skin. If I listen to this netaudio classic I always get caught by the haunting voice of Lynnelle […]

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mou – “###ntain vibes/memory recall” (aquietbump netlabel)

Atmospheric Italian Trip Hop | The Italian band mou published already two exciting TripHop EPs on the aquietbump netlabel. Both albums are filled with dense and atmospheric songs. Heavily influenced by Massive Attack the italian musicians emacipate themselves with their second album “memory recall”. While “###ntain vibes Ep” rocks on dark vibes, “memory recall” convinces […]

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Twizzle – “Soda Fountain” (Comfort Stand)

Jazzy TripHop | Netlabel Comfort Stand stopped releasing new free music a while ago. Thank god, their huge catalogue of music releases is still online available through their website and One of the earlier releases is the wonderful TripHop EP from Twizzle called “Soda Fountain”. Twizzle bedazzles you with her elfish voice and melodic […]

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