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Category: Techno

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Various – “A New Chapter Of Acid House!” (Tribe Toolz)

Aciiiiid! | If we believe the peepz at Tribe Toolz today is the (un)official birthday of the fabulous Roland TB-303 synthesizer. No synthesizer – except the drummachines 808 and 909 – left such an imprint on electronic music like this monophone bassline synthie. Originally invented for musicians in need of a bassline player, the TB-303 […]

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Marko Fürstenberg – “Gesamtlaufzeit” (Thinner)

Netaudio DubTechno Classic | “Gesamtlaufzeit” is a techno journey into icy landscapes and deep atmospheres full of echoes, sonic reflections and floating chords. Produced in 2003 Marko Fürstenberg also known as Surphase this album is not just only a selection of techno tracks. No, it’s one of those rare albums, where we glide from one […]

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X – A Free Techno Compilation

Techno Blast | Phlow proudly presents in cooperation with DJ Meeting our first and free creative commons techno compilation. We digged our harddisc and collected the very best from the past and the very best of the presence. The cream on top of our compilation is an exclusive track by Sudio. Sudio remixed one of his tracks and infused even more adrenaline into “Sonic Impact”.

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Various – “NetAudio Russia Compilation Volume 1 & 2”

Festival Compilation | When I think of electronic music from russia, I always think of minimal music and melodic IDM. And when I listen now to the two beautiful “NetAudio Russia Compilations” I am once more convinced that Russia especially Moscow has a strong eletronic scene I would like to explore by night. Both compilations […]

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Isma Serrano “Automatic Behaviour” (Antiritmo Netlabel)

Melodic Movers | “Automatic Behaviour” is one of these cosy and melodic electronic music albums. It operates inbetween the genres techno, trance and elektro and melts everything in a classic way together. On the one side you feel warm synthesizer grooves and trip on those fine appregiators and on the other side you listen to […]

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The Unique Matter – “Metasphere EP” (Sologroove Netlabel)

Atmospheric Progressive Techno | “Dejaview Watchers” is one of those groovy Techno Dub tracks where you sit on an ice rock drifting through a cold, wide and abstract world. With “Metasphera” you glide on a spaceship through a progressive house world meeting natives from the Psytrance Movement. “New Suite” introduces you to your new minimal […]

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