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Category: Pop

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Entertainment For The Braindead – “Roadkill” (aaahh records)

A Banjo Tribute | A tiny, coincidental discovery can open completely new horizons, save your day and drive you into a direction you’ve never thought about. An incident like that happened to one of our creative commons music stars: Entertainment For The Braindead. She discovered the banjo. A unique instrument associated with music styles like […]

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Henrik José – “The Little Things EP” (23 Seconds Netlabel)

Spherical Pop | Last year one musician appeared on the chart lists of a lot of netaudio musiclovers: Henrik José from Malmö, Sweden. We loved his pop anthem “Possibilities” so much, we had to include it on our free music compilation “Music From All Around The World”. And just some seconds later, he releases a […]

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Music From All Around The World – A Pop Compilation

Our Phlow Compilation “Music From All Around The World” is prove, that you find wonderful creative commons pop music. It’s prove that free has nothing to do with low quality or geeky dark ambient. On top of all “Music From All Around The World” shows that the worldwide creative commons music scene offers more and more compatible music be played out loud on the radio. We at Phlow believe that 2010 creative commons music will please more and more music lovers who love songs, vocals and pop in general. Download our free pop music compilation!

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AXMusique – “AXMusique” (Brennnessel Netlabel)

Lascivious Electronic Pop | This is pure electronic energetic pop! Let the saw bassline loose and get the people freaked out with some breathy vocals. The electronic funk will do the rest to set the people in motion and the place on fire. AXMusique is a producer duo who melt sexy electro and minimal house […]

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Montag – “Des Cassettes et un Walkman Jaune” (Peppermill)

How to make a foreign song your own | Friends, Bettina Rhymes is back to the review biz! Let us celebrate this return to form with a WONDERFUL little gem of a Pop record: Montag aka Antoine Bédard is a well-decorated Canadian songwriter who delivers five coverversions of 80s/ 90s Indiepop that will crack your […]

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Lord Numb – “Numbskull” (SVC Records)

Tribute to Pop | The album Numbskull by Lord Lumb is an unashamed celebration by an artist of his heroes. With name checks going to David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Debbie Harry, his Lordship lays his cards of inspiration on the table within the first few lines of the opening track “I Dream Of Bowie”. […]

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