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Category: Jazz

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Bitbasic – “Sprinkling Rainbows” (Monotonik Netlabel)

Jazz meets Drum’n’Bass | Bitbasic’s new album Sprinkling Rainbows, released on Monotonik, delves deep into the world of smooth and funky Jazz stylings, in a follow up the 2007 “Grating Rainbows EP”. This is an album of deft and clever combinations that soothe and then surprise the listener, as exquisite jazz chords and chromatics give […]

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Mentz – “Piani EP” (

Jazzy Smokin Loops | Turn on your delicate hifi soundsystem, free a cigar out of its cuban box, lean back in your rocking chair and lit up the tobacco. Mentz is here to trip with you on some wonky and crackling jazz loops collected from dusty records. Feel the phlow while old memories pass by […]

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IJO – “Selektida” (Sutemos Netlabel)

Electronic Music Diary | “Selektida” is one big album. Containing three CDs – better called parts. It is an representation of the last five years of IJO’s music experiences and his passion for music in general. It combines moody passages filled with rhode sounds, laid-back friendly chill out-tunes, IDM-ish tunes and clubby moments where that […]

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Evgeny Grinko – “Cinematic Melodies EP” (RAIG’s Accessory Takes)

Smooth, Melancholic, Jazzy | Jazzy drums, a regular bass line, a sound somewhere between an oboe and a clarinet – but is in fact an accordion: “Woody Allen” has arrived to the set. And there it was, a tiny impression that something mysterious is about to happen. Some suspense, please. Evgeny Grinko – “Woody Allen” […]

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aleksi virta – “..meets torsti” (Monotonik Netlabel)

Universal Downbeat Trip | Oh my god! Grab this amazing space funk release from the shelfes of Monotonik. And you get smooth a funky bag of running downbeats.

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M.W.D. – “Singing Forest” (Budabeats)

Smooth Downbeats | Like his other label mates on Budabeats Netlabel M.W.D. loves Hip Hop, samples, Jazz and crackling vinyl. In comparison with the excellent release by Suhov who delivers rolling rhythms to dance, the drums of M.W.D.  sound lighter, smoother. His approach on instrumental Downbeats is more cinematic and relaxed. The DJ from Hungary […]

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