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Category: IDM

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Bitbasic – “Sprinkling Rainbows” (Monotonik Netlabel)

Jazz meets Drum’n’Bass | Bitbasic’s new album Sprinkling Rainbows, released on Monotonik, delves deep into the world of smooth and funky Jazz stylings, in a follow up the 2007 “Grating Rainbows EP”. This is an album of deft and clever combinations that soothe and then surprise the listener, as exquisite jazz chords and chromatics give […]

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Various – “NetAudio Russia Compilation Volume 1 & 2”

Festival Compilation | When I think of electronic music from russia, I always think of minimal music and melodic IDM. And when I listen now to the two beautiful “NetAudio Russia Compilations” I am once more convinced that Russia especially Moscow has a strong eletronic scene I would like to explore by night. Both compilations […]

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IJO – “Selektida” (Sutemos Netlabel)

Electronic Music Diary | “Selektida” is one big album. Containing three CDs – better called parts. It is an representation of the last five years of IJO’s music experiences and his passion for music in general. It combines moody passages filled with rhode sounds, laid-back friendly chill out-tunes, IDM-ish tunes and clubby moments where that […]

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2nd mouse – “levite” (Fwonk Netlabel)

IDM Jam Session | The first of the twins is the endearing and imaginative way that Chris Da Mouse, aka 2nd Mouse (could that be his real name?), introduced his new album “Levite” in an email that pinged into my inbox less than a week ago. This album is indeed the first of two works […]

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Winnie The Shit – “Sons Grave”

Subbass and Breakbeats | In “I love you” an 808-like bassdrum kicks relaxed in slow-motion. Some drive give the shuffled Dubstep-inspired beats around it.

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Various – “Cen Art” (Soulseek Records)

Chill Out Compilation | Once upon a time Soulseek was the filesharing platform for real music lovers. Maybe it is still today… I lost track but what I kept in mind is this wonderful project called Soulseek Records. A project coordinated by musicians who connected through the platform, shared their taste and last not least […]

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