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Category: Hip Hop

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Tracky Birthday – “Animal Audition” (upitup Netlabel)

Tracky Birthday is one of those artists, who push out his majestry of artistry through every pore of his body. While reflecting society and its desire to show off in his Video-Series “Bootyclipse”, his website makes fun of all that Web 2.0-Dingeling. And till then, you haven’t heard his mind-twisting raps full of satirical rhymes. “Animal Audition” haunts you with its Funk, Samples and absorbing grooves.

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AEED – “Synesthesia” (Error Broadcast Netlabel)

Fine Instrumental Hip Hop | Instrumental Hip Hop kicks me currently the most. I waited a long time for more releases like “Synesthesia” that stand in the tradition of music by Comfort Fit or my beloved Flying Lotus. AEED pushes Hip Hop music into the right direction. Playful rhythmic arrangements, definetely electronic and with a […]

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Grillo – “Fireworks Remixes” (Homework Records)

Italian HipHop Instrumentals | Homework Records represent Italys finest music if we speak about modern Hip Hop instrumentals. Like Apes on Tapes also Grillo is on the spearhead of modern beats. After his great debut called “Fireworks” the label refined his tracks with five excellent remixes. Grillo – “Brown Box (Fulgeance Remix)” (MP3)

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Sagesse & Crookram – “The Escape EP” (Bankrupt Recordings)

Dutch HipHop, English Rap | While Crookram’s album “19/76” on Budabeats sounded dusty, analogue, funky and deep, the productions with his partner Sagesse shine polished and bass-loaded. With a bassdrum deep like Miami Bass and a tos of funkyness between the beats the Dutch producer makes another step in his evolution. Now I know why […]

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Lo-Fi Scientists – “Lo-Fi Scientists” (Dusted Wax Kingdom)

Nice Flow & Simple Beats | I’m not sure about you, but since the very beginning Dusted Wax Kingdom has always been one of those netlabels that somehow never lets me down. Most of the times, the releases are quite short, but are always filled with delicious loops and samples. And this one is not […]

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Pixelord – “Lucid Freaks pt. 1” (Error Broadcast Netlabel)

Glitchy Chipfunk Hipedihop Music | OK, let’s get down once again with the Error Broadcast Crew. Open the windows of your hipster car and let the sounds cover the streets with a heavy dose of subbass, quirky and glitchy bleeps and funk. Meister Pixelord knows how to build some wonky beats and bass. His debut […]

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