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Category: Compilation

Discover free Compilation and Indietronic MP3 downloads! You can legally download and copy the music found on We collected the music from netlabels all over the globe.

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Music From All Around The World – A Pop Compilation

Our Phlow Compilation “Music From All Around The World” is prove, that you find wonderful creative commons pop music. It’s prove that free has nothing to do with low quality or geeky dark ambient. On top of all “Music From All Around The World” shows that the worldwide creative commons music scene offers more and more compatible music be played out loud on the radio. We at Phlow believe that 2010 creative commons music will please more and more music lovers who love songs, vocals and pop in general. Download our free pop music compilation!

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X – A Free Techno Compilation

Techno Blast | Phlow proudly presents in cooperation with DJ Meeting our first and free creative commons techno compilation. We digged our harddisc and collected the very best from the past and the very best of the presence. The cream on top of our compilation is an exclusive track by Sudio. Sudio remixed one of his tracks and infused even more adrenaline into “Sonic Impact”.

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Phlow Monster Mixtape – Best of 2009

We wave the Creative Commons Music Year 2009 a lovely ‘Goodbye’ with our Phlow Monster Mixtape. Listen to 9 hours, 38 minutes and 35 seconds of music compiled by 24 netaudio heads from all around the world during december 2009. Of course you can download the 1.3 GIG-heavy gift in a ZIP to get the free mp3 music plus all individual playlists from our website or just stream it by clicking on the tape.

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Various – “NetAudio Russia Compilation Volume 1 & 2”

Festival Compilation | When I think of electronic music from russia, I always think of minimal music and melodic IDM. And when I listen now to the two beautiful “NetAudio Russia Compilations” I am once more convinced that Russia especially Moscow has a strong eletronic scene I would like to explore by night. Both compilations […]

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Phlow Jahtari Mixtape – “A Fistful Of Dub”

Jahtari Tribute | While publishing our Jahtari-Portrait some days ago, I thought: “Why not making a mixtape with my favorite Jahtari-anthems?” After some digging through the whole back catalogue I finished my studies of the mighty echo chambers of Jahtari. I rolled you a wonderful spliff of smokey Dub Reggae anthems. Take care, Jahtari might […]

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Various – “The Principle of Mentalism” (Zimmer Records)

Eclectic Techno Compilation | 200 Megabytes of brilliant music from various artists found its way to the 40th release of the German netlabel “Zimmer Records”. To get an idea of the decent quality, just imagine, that only the first two tracks almost fill up half an hour of distant electronic meditating sound. Other tracks are […]

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