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Category: Electronica-Indietronic

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Bitbasic – “Sprinkling Rainbows” (Monotonik Netlabel)

Jazz meets Drum’n’Bass | Bitbasic’s new album Sprinkling Rainbows, released on Monotonik, delves deep into the world of smooth and funky Jazz stylings, in a follow up the 2007 “Grating Rainbows EP”. This is an album of deft and clever combinations that soothe and then surprise the listener, as exquisite jazz chords and chromatics give […]

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Henrik José – “The Little Things EP” (23 Seconds Netlabel)

Spherical Pop | Last year one musician appeared on the chart lists of a lot of netaudio musiclovers: Henrik José from Malmö, Sweden. We loved his pop anthem “Possibilities” so much, we had to include it on our free music compilation “Music From All Around The World”. And just some seconds later, he releases a […]

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Montag – “Des Cassettes et un Walkman Jaune” (Peppermill)

How to make a foreign song your own | Friends, Bettina Rhymes is back to the review biz! Let us celebrate this return to form with a WONDERFUL little gem of a Pop record: Montag aka Antoine Bédard is a well-decorated Canadian songwriter who delivers five coverversions of 80s/ 90s Indiepop that will crack your […]

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Bluermutt – “The Dislocation (and Consequences) EP” (Misread Records)

Electronic Folk Music | News from my man Bluermutt, and it is good news! I have been a big fan of his former albums and various side projects, and the more delighted to hear that this EP will be on for free although the “Decivilize After Consumption” album was a CD release. These six tracks […]

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Stockfinster – “Dead Line” (Sutemos)

Epic Electronic Prog Pop | The Lithuanian Netlabel Sutemos is nothing new to you most likely. We have been covering their outcome ever since. Stockfinster, all the same, is a name commonly known to fans of free music. After the debut “All Becomes Music” was released in 2005, it took four years to complete “Dead […]

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Risch – “Missing monsters” (Petite & Jolie Netlabel)

Joyful Electronica | The Petite & Jolie Netlabel focusses on cute, melodic and sometimes naive and playful melodies. Risch makes no exception and composed some twinkling and sweet moments for us. Dovelike tunes, some slight clickering and only a bit dose of that IDM-ish beat experiments makes a wonderful and peaceful afternoon with Risch. Risch […]

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