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Category: Dub and Reggae

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Ras Amerlock – “A Bass Oddity – Trinity All Star” (LibreCommeLair)

Dubby Reggae | I love unique websites, unique sounds and of course high quality. The french dub netlabel LCL aka LibreCommeLair has everything. A website with a unique hand-made look, a dedication to reggae in all kinds of tastes and a bunch of musicians releasing wonderful productions. The »Juggernaut of an EP« is a classy slice of […]

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Para – “Motion dub” (A Quiet Bump Netlabel)

Peaceful Dub | It’s always fascinating how you can create so much with just some ingredients. For his vision of  Dub Italian musician Para used just organs, delay echoes a warm subbass and some percussion. Together he offers us a beautiful 5-track EP filled up with melodic slow-motion-groovers. A joint venture into the dubby realms […]

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Sardinia Bass Legalize – “Timeless” (A Quiet Bump)

Dub-Reggae Pop | To be honest… I do not know much about the “A Quite Bump” Netlabel from Italy, but this could change. By coincidence this mini-album “Timeless” entered my ears and successfully took the brain – with dub and pop! Sardinia Bass Legalize – “What Can I Do For Africa” (MP3) Sardinia Bass Legalize […]

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Jambassa – “macchine parlanti” (A Quiet Bump Netlabel)

Digital Dub Voices | With “macchine parlanti” the superb italian netlabel A Quiet Bump strikes back. Behind the music project Jambassa operate Carmine Minichiello and Raffaele Gargiulo. Being part of the label crew they now seed their second album. The sound of their digital dub project from the south of Italy is a combination of […]

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Phlow Jahtari Mixtape – “A Fistful Of Dub”

Jahtari Tribute | While publishing our Jahtari-Portrait some days ago, I thought: “Why not making a mixtape with my favorite Jahtari-anthems?” After some digging through the whole back catalogue I finished my studies of the mighty echo chambers of Jahtari. I rolled you a wonderful spliff of smokey Dub Reggae anthems. Take care, Jahtari might […]

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aleksi virta – “..meets torsti” (Monotonik Netlabel)

Universal Downbeat Trip | Oh my god! Grab this amazing space funk release from the shelfes of Monotonik. And you get smooth a funky bag of running downbeats.

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