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Category: Drum and Bass

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Bitbasic – “Sprinkling Rainbows” (Monotonik Netlabel)

Jazz meets Drum’n’Bass | Bitbasic’s new album Sprinkling Rainbows, released on Monotonik, delves deep into the world of smooth and funky Jazz stylings, in a follow up the 2007 “Grating Rainbows EP”. This is an album of deft and clever combinations that soothe and then surprise the listener, as exquisite jazz chords and chromatics give […]

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N-Noiz – “Unbounding The Future EP” (Plainaudio Netlabel)

Complex Samurai Drum’n’Bass | As a Beat Samurai N-Noiz follows the path of Photek and his comrades-in-arms. His “Unbounding The Future EP” is an epic trip with haunting sounds, elaborate chopped-up beats and a unique style which makes every former master proud. You rarely find so deep, complex and intelligent Drum’n’Bass beats. N-Noiz – “Red […]

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Sub – “ID” (Plainaudio Netlabel)

Break-Dominant Drum’n’Bass | Breaks, Breaks, Breaks… Plainaudio is all about breaking up patterns and resetting them. Their artists love the art of aesthetic surgery. With love they cut drumloops under the microscope into delicious parts and than reassemble them with precision. Also Sub does this job very well and surrounds his drum work with a […]

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Red Box Recorder – “Colour Codes” (Acroplane)

Breakbeats for the morning after | For quite a long time, Arcoplane went below my radar. The label is around since 2003, but only due to the advice of my dear friend Ian Hawgood I follow them now. Londons’ Red Box Recorder represent the label sound perfectly and deliver a mature album with superb artwork. […]

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Human Terminal – “Press any Key” (Rec72 Netlabel)

IDM and Drum’n’Bass from Russia | Human Terminal is a very promising artist from Russia. The silent ways and floating numbers sometimes give me the idea from “Future Sound of London”, but is a somehow different way. The album “Press any Key”, released on Rec72, combines silent moments with some fast-paced IDM’ish Drum’n’Bass on other […]

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Breaks and Drum’n’Bass-Beats from Drama Jacqua

Experimental Drum’n’Bass | As a drummer Czech artist Drama Jacqua loves Drum’n’Bass. You definitely hear his knowledge and experience while listening to his complex beat-patterns. Most of his electronic productions consist of a terrific work on the details. His experimental music isn’t always easy to hear, but there are some really freaky tunes to discover. […]

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