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Category: Chip Music

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Pixelord – “Lucid Freaks pt. 1” (Error Broadcast Netlabel)

Glitchy Chipfunk Hipedihop Music | OK, let’s get down once again with the Error Broadcast Crew. Open the windows of your hipster car and let the sounds cover the streets with a heavy dose of subbass, quirky and glitchy bleeps and funk. Meister Pixelord knows how to build some wonky beats and bass. His debut […]

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Weezer- “The 8-bit Album” (Pterodactyl)

Perfect! | 14 chip tune celebrities interpret songs of college rock legends Weezer (“Buddy Holly”). That makes so much sense I wonder why it took the careful hands of Pterodactyl Squad Netlabel only now to make this album come to life. Great fun if you’re a Weezer fan, catchy listen if you’re an 8bit addict. […]

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Cornbeast – “Chip Hero” (8bitpeoples)

Gameboy Arena Rock | We haven’t had much chip music lately, and I used to check the usual sources of 8bit music less frequent than I did back in the days. “Chip Hero” by Stockholm Gameboy programmer Fredrik Stolpe, however,  is one of the more recent releases at 8bitpeoples, and it hit me hard. Cornbeast […]

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The Depreciation Guild – “In Her Gentle Jaws”

Affair of the Heart | Music helps you to get nostalgic every now and then. Remembering the good ole days might be a stupid reason to fancy certain songs or bands but sometimes you can’t help. Consider New York City Famicom-Rockers The Depreciation Guild – what took these delicious guys to fuse early 90’s Shoegaze […]

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Various – “Heartcode” (Pause Music Netlabel)

Chiptunes| Not long time ago we told you that the release from Iqtu on Pause-Music (II-music) was the best release so far on II. The label really makes it not easy for me, because now I want to say the same thing about “Heartcode”. It is a small, but a very powerful compilation with music […]

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Mark Denardo – “Lion, Tiger, Bear” (8bitpeoples)

Gameboys & accordions | Mark Denardo managed to connect two of the most contrasting genres in the netlabelscene – chiptunes and singer/songwriter music. On his six-track “Lion, Tiger, Bear” EP, digital 8-bit sounds are being served with analogue instruments like acoustic guitar, piano, accordion, violin and lyrics that come along in a folk and blues-like […]

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