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Category: Interview Portrait

Find out more about the worldwide netlabel-scene and read fascinating potraits and interviews with netlabel-heads, musicians and netaudio-activists from all over the globe!

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Netaudio Berlin 2009 – A Spectacular Creative Commons Festival

Don Ludwig, Antina Michels and Raimund Reintjes prepared one – if not the most – exciting creative commons festival in 2009. Netaudio Berlin 2009 will present nearly hundred artists, groups or music projects making noise in the free culture movement called netaudio. Since weeks music lovers from all over europe wait for the festival. We […]

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An interview with Patryk Galuszka about his research on netlabels

Digital Phlow Podcast | Two weeks ago I met Patryk Galuszka for an interview about netaudio and netlabelism. Patryk Galuszka is a researcher who works for the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies and the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz. To find out more about Patryk visit his blog and click […]

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Yes No Wave Music: Free Music from Indonesia

Visiting Hidden Corners of the Global Netlabel Phenomena | While internet data highways connect more and more countries and cultures all over the world, the distribution of music speeds up and we get access to places we’ve never been. Places like Indonesia where cassettes are still a commonly used medium to listen to music next […]

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Talkin’bout Beats with Error Broadcast

Sven Swift, mo. and Filippo Aldovini cruisin’ through London (Foto: Sim Sullen) Interview at Netaudio London 2008 | Really good Hip Hop Music is still hard to find in the creative commons world of music. If you search for netlabels promoting deep Hip Hop Music you have to stick to a baby-handful of netlabels. But […]

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Netaudio London 2008: First Night revisited!

Netaudio London 2008 Report | Yesterday we arrived without any problems in London and went straight to the venue under the London Bridge. The location where the Netaudio London 2008 takes place called “Shunt” is a huge place with a small door which we oversaw at the first moment. But then we entered through the […]

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Netaudio London 2008 we’re coming!

Phlow Report | In the next days you’ve got the chance to meet the Phlow Staff at Netaudio London 2008. Sven and mo. will not only play some free music in the evening, we’ll try to catch some of the most interesting people to interview. If everything works well, we got an internet connection over […]

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