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Category: Charts

Netaudio and Netlabel Charts from Musiclovers all over the globe!

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Michael Gregoire’s Creative Commons Music Netlabel Moments 2009

Michael Gregoire is a graphic designer by day who has designed albums for Public Enemy and Chuck D’s SLAMjamz record label. When not designing for his company he takes his life-long love for music and his love of good design to where he designs, packages and distributes both compilations of netaudio gems and […]

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Mogwai’s Creative Commons Music Netlabel Moments 2009

Netaudio Head | 12 years ago Mogwai started his project “Kreislauf” in Mannheim/Germany. Meanwhile – a lot of things changed – Mogwai operates from his headquarter which is in Hamburg. With Kreislauf he built up his own netaudio universe combing his radio show, a netlabel, netaudio charts, his very own compilationss and last not least […]

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psycoded’s Creative Commons Music Moments 2009

“Netaudio? Big Success!!!” shouts psycoded in his email after we asked him to join the Best of CC Music Moments in 2009. As one of the members of the Cologne Commons team he helped organising one of those rare events where people meet in real. And when not working on the next Cologne Commons Festival he dedicates himself to techno music, releasing music on his label Zimmer Records or shoots awesome photos under his moniker psycoded. And, don’t forget his thrilling mixes full of creative commons techno music.

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Netwaves’s Creative Commons Music Netlabel Moments 2009

All the best from the Belgium Netaudio HQ | Netwaves is a weekly radio program dedicated to netlabels and netaudio, broadcasted on Belgium’s oldest commercial-free independent local radio. Netwaves covers recent netlabel releases and sometimes features an interview with a netlabel artist, netlabel owner or somebody related to netlabels or Creative Commons. The program is […]

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Brigitte Bijoux’s Creative Commons Music Moments 2009

Bits’n’Bytes from Nippon | Like all the years before it was a pleasure to explore the web and write for you dear readers. I appreciate your gentle comments, your downloads and being a part of the tiny but lightning universe of Phlow. Like mo. I am happy Applejux – I love your mixes man – joined our forces as the main editor for the independent Phlow Spain Edition. But the biggest thank you goes to all the wonderful musicians who spend their music under a creative commons licence. And last not least “chapeau monsieurs netlabels!” Some of you did a wonderful job promoting your artists. I hope everyone enjoys my little charts without any final rankings…

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New Wave Syria – “Hello, Yes” (Cheap Tunes)

Slovenian Synthpop | To know how music was created brings forth a certain surplus- or disappointment, respectively. This is especially true for electronic music. Circuit bending punks, bearded men over analogue synthesizers and console-tuning kids always appeard more interesting to me than fancy Macbook nerds. New Wave Syria – “In Motion” (MP3) New Wave Syria […]

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