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Category: Charts

Netaudio and Netlabel Charts from Musiclovers all over the globe!

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Machtdose Free Music Charts 2007

The Machtdose site is driven by german musiclovers and bloggers Roland and Gregor. They love the underground, the non-compliant and its confrontation with everyday life. Besides their regular radio show at Radio X they also have a Podcast with monthly episodes introducing netaudio findings from the weeks before. Not only their podcast is a fantastic […]

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Christian/ Resting Bell Free Music Charts 2007

Christian Roth is the founder of Resting Bell, a young netlabel from Berlin/Germany. Started in early 2007, Resting Bell has released 18 EPs of Drone- and Ambient-music, including critically acclaimed artists like Off the Sky, K.M. Krebs, Astrowind and Adrián Juárez. Christian is 30 years old and works as a graphic-designer when he’s not playing […]

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Masayuki/ Music Forest Free Music Charts 2007

The 27-seven-years-old Masayuki is the brain behind the japanese music weblog Music Forest. Masayuki lives in Kanagawa, Japan near Tokyo. Next to his job working as an engineer everyday he listens and buys music. With his weblog he introduces wonderful music aiming at Japan. While collecting the free music charts, we asked him: “How sounds […]

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Christian/ Applejux Free Music Charts 2007

Christian “applejux” Negre i Walczak is a musiclover from Calella/ Barcelona in Spain. He manages, a free Netaudio mixtape-label where Netculture activists (not only djs, producers or musicians but designers, journalists, webmasters or simply enthusiasts) are invited to create a personal selection from the wide online spectrum. He is also heavily involved in, […]

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Sven Swift Free Music Charts 2007

Sven Swift runs the established CDr- and Netlabel and acts as a Netaudio DJ from time to time. He writes enliven reviews about free music at, and Swift produces electro-acoustic ambient-music on analogue synthesizers and is responsible for most of the delightful artworks at 12rec. Netlabel. From nine to five, he’s […]

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Granlab/Broque Free Music Charts 2007

Granlab is one of the two and has the name Technical Director written on his door. This guy from Thuringia lives in the proximity of Munich and sometimes also plays guitar, beside his Technomachines. And this is how one could listen to his music till now, on the R.A.N.D.-Label 3b, as well as on […]

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