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After one year from september 2007 to september 2008 we accomplished to get some exciting results together... Just enjoy some numbers with us:


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"The future of culture will be free. Musicians are its avantgarde. If you want to know where free music is heading, just go with the phlow."
Volker Grassmuck, project lead of Wizards of OS
"Phlow tries to chart the unknown waters of netmusic, providing lots of navigational aids for the intrepid musical explorer. The 'free mp3 downloads' section is organised by genre, making it easy to look for your preferred style, something that is surprisingly rare on the netmusic scene. It also supports Creative Commons music and is a thoroughly pleasant and inspiring place to visit. It's the perfect diving-board for the netlabel newbie."
Catching The Waves Weblog
"Ich bin total begeistert von Eurem Baby "Phlow Magazine". Ich habe heute schon wieder den Tag damit begonnen im meinem RSS Reader nach neuen Phlow Magazine Beiträgen zu schauen. Ganz enttäuscht habe ich dann gesehen, dass es noch keinen neuen Artikel gab, bin dann - wie so oft - direkt auf Deine Seite gegangen und habe den Musikstücken, die mich beim ersten Hören nicht begeistert haben eine zweite Chance gegeben. Und wieder haben ich Perlen freier Musik entdeckt, die mir sonst verborgen geblieben wären. Auch die Einbindung des Flashplayers ist genial! Kurz gesagt: Die ganz Seite rockt!
Tobias "tobi" Heim, Executive Committee of Digitale Kultur e.V.
" is a weblog about free mp3 music culture. It is one of the best webzines, at the moment, according to netlabelism. mo., Sven Swift, Brigitte Bijoux and other authors made a brilliant peace of free culture."
NetAudio Russia on
"THE number one source for net (music) culture and everything related. Beautifully designed and excellently written, with the cool extra of interesting discussions between scene protagonists. Held and to be followed in the comment part to every article. All thumbs up, plus one more."
disrupt, head of
"DYN-O-MITE! Love the site. Thank you for the english version. I look forward to raiding your pantry. Creative Commons recording scene is the most exciting "thing" I've encountered in a long time. Rock on."
heymarlin via email
"Ce site est vraiment montagne du trésor."
anonymous commentator on

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